1. Annie Lebrun

    Great post! I had to take some time to let my answers brewed. One great lesson I learned recently is to say yes to opportunities and challenges, spontaneously embrace the changes that come with them and open my heart, mind, and soul to their outcomes. What does it look like in real? I take actions however how small instinctively. Often I have some doubts right after. Then remind me my why. Take a deep breath and shake my insecurity away and connect to my faith. I have chosen to live a life that finally looks like me. Second lesson: I’ve got the attitude, skills are secondary. And three: Don’t stay still, just do little things!

    • Kristin Larsen

      Annie, thank you for sharing some of your valuable life lessons. Great life lessons and I can strongly relate to your #1 and #3. Trying to do those consistently in life as well. How very important our “why” is in our lives……

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