Life Transformation Routines

Can life transformation routines occur in the morning and at bed time?

I would like to share how these simple changes have impacted my life in a transformational way.

Thinking about routines leads me towards a judgement of boredom.  This may be due to the current routine life I have had for the past 17 years.

I have recently transitioned this thinking into the realm of discipline.  My belief that not all routine is creative draining in life.

Without routine, we may not be as productive or efficient consistently.  Without some life transformation routines we may not be the best version we can be consistently.

I have an idea of how we can adapt to a routine that we can transition from a place of perceived boredom to a place of scheduled empowerment.

Through discipline comes the joy of not only self improvement but powerful action that creates extraordinary life changes.

The method I employ is reframing the boredom of a routine each day.

Asking myself the questions;

  • “why am I doing this routine, and what is the purpose behind me doing it?”
  • “what are the prizes that will be presented along the way?”

As I work and progress towards positive life change there are two life transformation routines that have now become part of my daily life.

I now do them consistently without thinking.  Yet, I think about them everyday.  They are now part of who I am.

One source of encouragement for these daily routines was through a helpful blog called Create Good Mornings.  This blog helped me to understand the power of morning and bedtime routine rituals and the life transformation potential in which they present.

The driving force behind implementing these life transformation routines is to help me move closer towards the best version of myself everyday.

The prizes that will be presented along the way are, a more motivated, highly efficient and elevated mood throughout the day.

All choices I am in control of making.

As I review my morning routine, I notice many possibilities for improvement if my goal is to work towards being the best version of myself everyday.

My old morning routine

wake up, hygiene routine, have breakfast, tea and leave for work.

My new morning routine

  • make bed
  • looking in mirror at self and repeating phrases- “I am a great health coach, top 1%” “I am confident” “I am worthy” “I am enough” “I am worthy of happiness”……and the grande clincher, “Today will be a great day.  Why will it be a great day!?  Because I have the choice to make it a great day.  I choose to make it a great day!”
  • I then write in my presence planner journal (I created)
  • 4 minutes stretching
  • invest 4 minutes of uninterrupted, quiet contemplation in meditation.  During this time I avoid all electronic devices to ensure a moment of presence is achieved.

Total time investment= 12-15 mins

What I have found by following this routine daily is a higher functioning mindset that is positive, optimistic and invites opportunities into each day while being grateful for them.

As I currently transition into serving others as a health coach, I am also a full time employee at a job that requires shift work responsibilities.  This requires bi-weekly alternating sleep times.

This has often been a challenge for me to adapt to.

However, recently I have also adapted a new bed time routine in order to help me live happier and healthier as I accept this lifestyle aspect in my life.

My new bedtime routine has resulted in a complete life change.  This has given me elevated happier mood, energy gratitude.

My new bed time routine consists of the following nightly rituals:

  • drinking a calming camomile tea
  • 5 minute stretching
  • 1 thing in my day I am thankful for
  • 1 thing I look forward to tomorrow
  • 1 thing I did to help the world today
  • affirmation- worthy of health and happiness, love, connection to all things
  • 3 minute meditation

Total routine time is 10-12 mins.  This invested time results in a peaceful sleep with no stress, good thoughts and the feeling of aliveness the next morning.

It is fascinating how the simple change of a beginning or ending day routine can have such an impact on our daily life.

How is your morning and bedtime routine affecting your day?  What things can you do to improve the quality of your life through a few simple routine changes?  What things are you willing to let go of so you can transform your life into a happier and healthier version of you?

“Life transformation begins with acceptance of choice to adopt new habits.  The discipline to invite those habits into our lives is what will bring the envisioned joy into reality.”  – Kristin Larsen

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