About Life

As I currently sit and reflect upon my life and what it means a snowball of thoughts are generated.

Being grateful for what I have is the binding source for them all.  However, there seems to be a missing link.  My lack of clarity for my life values, my life passions and my natural talents and abilities.

How is it possible to go through life not having a transparency of these important guiding pointers?

I have managed and it has become painfully clear I have entered a mid-life crisis.

My life consists of a wonderful wife and 2 children, a job that pays well and provides excellent benefits, a more than adequate home for our needs, a vehicle that gets me from point A to B, a solid foundation of friends and family, enough material things to keep the average person preoccupied and my health.  What more could I want?

Well, it all comes back to that “missing link.”  A connection to what energizes me and ignites my zest for life each day.

I believe in personal growth and self improvement in an effort to achieve what Maslow described as the ultimate need which every person wishes to obtain- self actualization.  That is my future goal to attain.

This is a journey I won’t be able to do alone and my hope is that it may assist you some way in your life with shared thoughts or information resources.

The Hatching Dream is your life you envision…..